Homes for Homes

Real Estate Partners committed to Local Foster Home Recruitment

Empowering local real estate professionals to make a difference for Central Oregon Youth and Families

Need for Homes

The need for more foster homes ready to welcome children experiencing foster care has hit crisis level. Throughout Central Oregon, over 400 children experience foster care annually. With only 82 general foster homes, tri-county, child welfare workers are left scrambling to find any home, not necessarily a strategically appropriate home, where children can land. This leads to youth experiencing frequent disruptions and moves between foster homes- compounding the trauma they experience.

What Can You Do?

Through partnership with our Homes for Homes program you have the opportunity to not only fiscally support our mission to recruit new loving foster homes, but also allows you to become a frontline advocate for youth. Using marketing provided by Every Child Central Oregon, you share the need for foster families with new homeowners in Central Oregon. Homes for homes- your next sale could become a new advocate for Central Oregon youth!

How to Partner:

  1. Sign Real Estate Partnership Agreement form, pledge $50+ per transaction closed
  2. Work with Every Child Central Oregon team to set up a system for each closed transaction
  3. Send Every Child Central Oregon provided Thank you e-mail to each closed transaction
  4. Use your social media to share you are a Homes for Homes Partner

Our Commitment:

  1. Share your business on our social media once a year as a committed partner
  2. List your business logo as a business partner on our website
  3. Our commitment to continued, relentless, recruitment of more Central Oregon foster homes