You Are Loved. You Are Safe. You Are Special.

Last year, a timid wobbler walked into our home with her caseworker on a dark, dreary December night. Her curly hair stood straight up, and her big brown eyes were wide and frightened. As her caseworker set her down, she stood for a moment...then slowly toddled over to me and put her arms up--the universal…
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This Place is A Great Place…

This note was found in a DHS office in Southern Oregon, written by a child in foster care. To see more stories like this, please follow Every Child Oregon on Facebook.
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On Friday at 4:30 I picked up the phone and heard my DHS certifier’s voice, Emily, on the other end. I adore her. She works hard, advocates fiercely and speaks gently and professionally. It had been 18 months since she had celebrated with my family at the courthouse in downtown Multnomah County. Emily was there…
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